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"This has been an incredible day and a half and I think this offers a great opportunity to change some of the ways we've worked together and have done business in the past. I found it very enlightening."
Jeff Endervelt, CEO
Blimpie International

Atlanta City Council & Ken Meyer win award for Strategic Planning - Video


What's Pull Thinking?

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Celebrating 18 Years of Service in 2020

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Beyond Good Intentions: Government, Healthcare and Education

Pull Thinking® Applied

Based on The Pull Principle®


Pull Thinking aligns people and transforms their performance to yield the ultimate service experience.

Pull Thinking is the definitive methodology for transforming human and organizational performance. People will never understand their purpose at work until they understand their purpose of work. Everyone has a need to align to (connect with) the purpose of work with their personal vision.

If an organization were perfectly aligned, would there be any problems? Would strategic planning result in failure of execution?  Would there be any lack of accountability or passionate performance? The best performing companies and the best companies to work for, are aligned to the needs of their internal and external customers.  Pulling alignment works; pushing causes misalignment (stress, difficulties, expensive management, high turnover). When people pull together, they are becoming aligned (on the same page, empowered, purpose driven and customer focused). Organizational Health is the result when applying Pull Thinking.

With a platform of organizational alignment, you can objectively measure alignment at all levels.  You experience an engaged, high-performing, service minded culture where people at all levels quickly eliminate the gap that often exists between strategy and execution. Not only the overall organization strategy, but all the individual and team strategies are designed to support the overall strategy. We (Alignment at Work, LLC) provide organizations with education, training, and coaching on the application of Pull Thinking - an unprecedented approach and set of proprietary tools that align people and ignite performance while creating a service minded culture and a platform for greater profitability. With it, you can succinctly pinpoint gaps in thinking, planning, execution and communication.

What does misalignment cost your organization?