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What Clients Say

One of the best ways to find out about the benefits of Pull Thinking® is to get a look at what clients are saying about us...

Delta Air Lines Tech Ops
"Using the tools of Pull Thinking, we reached agreement on four measures without any of the usual resistance and digression."
—Rick Wampler, Black Belt, Delta Air Lines Tech Ops

Blimpie International
“Pull Thinking is a beginning…a way of doing business and a way of thinking; and it offers us an enormous opportunity to truly align ourselves to reach the end result—service to our customers.”
—Jeffrey K. Endervelt, Chairman of the Board & CEO, Blimpie International

"I read the Pull Thinking book, and applied the principles.  Now I'm getting more work done quicker because my group accepts the changes so well.  It really works!  You know, it sounded funny when I first heard you speak, and now after reading more and using it, Pull Thinking really makes a lot of sense."
—Millie Anstead, Chief Program Manager, IRS

Organization Change Alliance - OCA
"Our non-profit organization used Pull Thinking to refine our strategic plan, communicate it to our members, and turn it into actions that made it a "living document."  With Pull Thinking, we modeled our Strategic Plan, defined the roles and performance metrics for each of our Steering Committee Members.  We got great results!"

—Sherrie Bachmann, 2006 Steering Committee Chair, Organization Change Alliance

Priceless Professional Development

The Four Pull Questions are a valuable communication and consulting tool that I use all the time to clarify agreement, intent and expectations on projects"
—Suzie Price, Managing Principal, Priceless Professional Development

Fresh Express
"You can push all you want on some personnel, which will work temporarily, but long term, Pull Thinking is the effective way to communicate. I've modified some of my communication techniques with my supervisors,
and they are thinking differently. And I'm seeing improved results."
—Richard Hiura, Production Manager, Fresh Express

TechLINKS Magazine
"As a writer, I'm trained to be skeptical. So when something affects me like this, it's the real deal… Now that I see what I'm getting out of it, I'm just sorry I put off reading the Pull Thinking book for so long."
—Kevin Howarth, Editor, TechLINKS Magazine

Prentice Consulting
"I have seen many write and talk about alignment
but have never seen anyone have a true measurement for it."
John W. Prentice, President

Organizations already applying Pull Thinking include:

Leadership Strategies, Inc.

Atlanta City Council

GID (Global Imunization Division is a division of the National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases (NCIRD))

CDS Global (Hearst Corporation)

CDC (Centers for Disease Control)
Atlanta Community Food Bank

IMC (Institute of Management  Consultants)

Priceless Professional Development

Delta Airlines Tech Ops
Prentice Consulting

Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

Organization Change Alliance

Elite IT (Taiwan)
Anheuser-Busch Co. Inc.
Georgia Tech Research Institute Blimpie International
BearingPoint, Inc.
Popeye’s Chicken and Biscuits
Lucas Aerospace
Konica Film
Troutman Sanders LLP
TechLINKS Magazine
DHL Global and Smart Mail
Stone Mountain Tool, Inc.
American Red Cross
Metron North America
Supply Velocity, Inc.


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