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Who should attend a Pull Thinking Seminar?
  • C-level and VP-level senior executives
  • Management teams
  • Business advisors
  • Strategic planning teams
  • Consulting partners
  • Quality/engineering departments
  • Operations management

Experiential Seminars

DON'T MISS THE SEMINAR THAT WILL CHANGE THE WAY YOUR BUSINESS WORKS. These are not static classes. These are hands-on, action-learning workshops that are filled with real-world applications of the Pull Thinking® methodology. During the course, you will receive powerful tools that you apply right there and then to your own most troublesome issues. Tools that help you solve problems, set goals, define performance measurements and create the alignment and ownership needed to achieve your goals.

Alignment at Work offers seminars in one-day, two-day and three - 1/2 day formats, including:

Pull Thinking In-depth Experiential Seminar
(a 3-day public or customized onsite seminar - includes 2 follow-on coaching sessions) Click here for details.

By the end of a course, attendees walk away with:

  • An understanding of how they can use Pull Thinking to create organizational alignment
  • Immediate benefit and value with actual examples completed in class
  • Positive, rather than negative, motivation to achieve better, self-sustaining results
  • An overall vision for their business or team and clear-cut instructions on how to build a plan and the measures that will support that vision

A seminar experience:

    “It was clear to everyone else in the room (long before it was clear to me), that using PT (Pull Thinking) to envision & create my next career energized me in ways I hadn't felt in years.”

     There was a lot of peer learning going on in the class.   I learned so much from the other people and their approaches, and how they would incorporate PT into their lives that it helped me tremendously.

     I have been around Lean courses for the last 8 years, and never felt the usefulness that I now feel, starting during the 2nd day of the PT seminar.

     In the 2nd day, when I was working on the structure is when I could see the germ of this new business idea unfolding before my eyes and it felt so right.

     I have been struggling with this idea for a couple of years, but PT has put “meat on the bones” so that now I can really see how to make it happen.

     My excitement is even affecting people who were not at the seminar. Literally on the way home from the seminar, I got a call from a colleague who I'd been talking to for years about this idea, who's been half-hearted about it. He said he's been talking to some people & was raving about what a great idea it was & how he wants to get going with it!  This came totally out of left field.

     Somehow people have gotten the confidence that I now feel to pursue this!"

Ginny Key

Project Manager and Instructional Designer


Click here for details.


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The Seminar Experience



This has been an incredible day and a half…and I think this offers a great opportunity to change some of the ways we’ve worked together and have done business in the past. I found it very enlightening.”
—Jeff Endervelt, CEO
Blimpie International

"Pull Thinking allowed us to easily achieve in 40 minutes what we could not accomplish after 12 hours of using the Good to Great concept..."

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