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“I was really amazed that this would work in any area... This is the most interactive, beneficial seminar... Otherwise, I would walk out of here and say that was nice but I wouldn’t have the same concept on how to do it.”
—Natalie Lebow, 30-year educator. From the video: “The Pull Thinking Experience”

What's Pull Thinking?

Who Needs Pull Thinking?

Because it helps develop processes by focusing on fundamental issues—like how people think, how they communicate and how they take action—Pull Thinking® can be applied to any number of situations to improve the overall performance and effectiveness of a workforce.

In fact, even if you’re already using another kind of performance enhancement program (such as Team Development, Six Sigma, Lean, ISO Certification or Balanced Scorecard), Pull Thinking can be applied to it to help increase that program’s effectiveness and speed to ROI.

Below are some of the challenges that the application of Pull Thinking can help you with:

Challenge How Using Pull Thinking Can Help
Strategic & tactical planning and development With Pull Thinking you can build a plan, tie your tactical plans to your strategic plan, roll it all out and measure the results. Use Pull Thinking if:
  • You need common planning and implementation processes integrated throughout all levels of your organization
  • You need to achieve the next level of growth or productivity
  • Your executive/management team doesn’t have a common planning process
Mergers, acquisitions & realignment after downsizing Mergers/acquisitions: Use Pull Thinking to integrate companies and people more quickly and completely into one common culture with focused purpose. And achieve the incremental gains you estimated were possible at purchase. Realignment: If your workforce has been reduced, it’s more important than ever to focus on morale. Pull Thinking can help keep your people motivated, working together and aligned with common goals and strategies.
Customer satisfaction, loyalty & retention For organizations experiencing customer service and retention issues, Pull Thinking’s customer-focused model offers a concrete way to create the ultimate service flow for satisfied customers.
High-growth and expansion If your business is expanding or is in a high-growth industry and you’re adding new people, markets or business lines, apply Pull Thinking to help create an aligned, effective and motivated workforce that can support your growth and customer needs.
Compliance and regulatory issues (Sarbanes/Oxley, etc.) Compliance and regulatory issues (Sarbanes/Oxley, etc.) Pull Thinking’s Four Dimensional Alignment ensures integrity at all levels for every individual. This is an extremely significant benefit to both the internal and external stakeholders of an organization.
Human Resources Employee-related issues can be very costly, whether the issue is morale, high turnover, recruitment, retention, contract negotiations or succession planning. Use Pull Thinking to help pinpoint job descriptions for greater accuracy in hiring and to help promote effective communication, positive morale and motivation.
Friction within and across departments Human friction can be costing you more than you think—inhibiting the achievement of your goals, sabotaging revenue capture and causing you to lose customers. Pull Thinking can uncover and diffuse hidden conflict, replacing it with common goals, full buy-in and a commitment to teamwork.
Launching new product, service or business line Pull Thinking can help get your whole organization aligned and focused quickly if you’re launching a new business line, product or service or opening new markets to compete more effectively.
Services/Consulting Pull Thinking provides an efficient way to work with clients in a close, collaborative fashion. Consulting firms can help clients deal with long-term change and become life-long, value-added partners. Consultants can also add Pull Thinking to their consulting toolsets by becoming certified teachers and licensees of the Pull Thinking Methodology.

Take a Pull Thinking Test Drive to see for yourself how Pull Thinking can transform the effectiveness of your workforce.

Download the Pull Thinking brochure
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